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Electronic Locating, Ground Penetrating Radar & Jet Rodding

Locate & Vac has a dedicated team of DBYD Certified utility locators. Our team can help you map and protect all underground assets on your site thanks to Locate & Vac dedicated systems and processes. Locate & Vac uses both electromagnetic cable locating and ground-penetrating radar (GPR) technology to designate underground utilities.

All our work complies with the Australian Standard AS 5488.1:2019 classification of subsurface utility information, compiling this with our Locate & Vac specific detailed locate reports that are completed and sent directly from site to the client with the Locate & Vac trade mark of clear and accurate colour coded utility markings.



Used to locate conductive utilities such as metallic pipes, electrical and communication cables



Used to locate non-conductive material such as Poly or Nylon gas lines, blue brute and uPVC water mains, empty conduits, underground storage tanks and possible underground voids



Used to locate accessible empty pipes or conduits i.e. sewer and stormwater pipes and empty conduits.

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Importance Of Utility Locating

Underground Utility Locating is important anytime you are going to break ground on a property or job site. Utility maps identify what type of underground cables and pipes are running through the site and their location. These utilities include power cables, gas pipes, water, telecommunication cables, storm drains, and abandoned/unknown underground services.

Our underground utility locating services aim to give you a comprehensive report of what’s underground, helping you ensure a safer work environment and avoid preventable utility damage. Once our team have identified and marked out the locations of your detectible underground cables and pipes, we can then arrange the utility mud mapping process.

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